Healing Sounds

Two as One

ANIINA (Jovani & Karina) bring expansiveness, aliveness & qualities of light through sound. Most of us are familiar with the power of sound and it’s potential to impact our being. What ANIINA communicates during a sonic journey, is merely a response to what is alive moment to moment; to what is happening right now in space-time. That energy which arises from a spontaneous sensibility, is then transmitted via messages within the vibrations. The vibrations move toward an indescribable mystery, which can always be felt, yet is rarely understood.

Following heart and intuition, ANIINA strives to empower & heal by shifting energy, thereby providing more chi=wellness. Come experience how sound healing can benefit you. Receive sound harmonics from the angelic realm, which speaks to cellular molecular structures in the human body. These sound harmonics guide causal energy of the human heart & activate sound waves in the human brain.

Our journeys are typically 1-1.5 hours in length and participants are invited to lie on the floor for the duration. Please bring a mat and or blanket for your comfort.

Voice, Indian shruti box, shakers, hand drums

Karina Ghor
Voice, Crystal and Metal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Sansula (modern version of African Kalimba -”thumb piano”), Rattles (Mexican Maracas), Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Tingsha Chimes

Audio Sample

Jovani: www.jovani.jojoworks.com 
Karina: www.soundmudra.com
email: aniina@soundmudra.com

"Sound streams from the ether, is invisible and belongs to no one"  jmv